Hi, welcome to my blog !

My name is Jerzy and thanks for dropping in. I am very glad you are surfing around here so I would like to take this opportunity and present myself. I have been a radio amateur since 1969. My first SWL signature was SP8-1871 and a short time after I got SP8DXL. After 1976 I used SP2DXL and since 1988 I am LA4YGA. From 2004 I am also as SP4DXL when visited Poland. My QTH is Kristiansand, in the south part of Norway, WW locator is JO48be. My favorite subjects in HAM radio are VHF/UHF propagation and construction of RF equipment.



Worked DXCC entities and squares

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WSPR Power Amp

Finally finished a power amplifier for Ultimate3S. The idea I had found on net, see page VK3PE . I contacted Glen and he gave me needed GERBER files to order PCB. Used  Seeedstudio.com and got 5 pcs very quickly. Had some problems to complete components, see my story about fake RD166HHF1 devices. Finally ampilfier is ready and working. I […]

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Beware fake semiconductors

I bought a pack of 5 x RD16HHF1 HF power mosfets via eBay from good-module based in China and ended up with a problem, devices were supplied but they weren’t RD16HHF1’s !  🙁 I fitted one device on the amp PCB and applied power. The power supply went into overcurrent shutdown straight away! Measurements indicated that […]

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IC 7100

ICOM IC-7100 ALC modification

After updating soft to Release E5 for sometimes ago I decided to do hardware modification as well. For instruction and explanation I recommend go to TRX Bench on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaGy4pUxkHc . The rig after modification is working excellent and issue with low power is solved.

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10GHz sked with OZ/LA8GT

Today had a sked with OZ/LA8GT. Tore was in JO47md (Bulbjerg 47 m asl). Unfortunately weather in OZ was bad, wind 40 km/t and Tore had problems to keep all on the place.  No QSO with him. Later I manage a contact with OZ9PP Peter in JO47va (Aalborg) on CW with 559 both side. New […]

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2016 Perseidy

QSO´s worked by me during peak of the shower. 10/08/2016 21:11  9A/OK2ZAW       JN83FO                1720 km 12/08/2016 13:53  EW7T                   KO53EV                1454 km 12/08/2016 16:44  TF3CY/P              IP24JG   […]

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New SQR on 2m

The 2016 Perseids shower has began. At the evening get a QSO with Vladimir RW1AY/1 in KO68nj, QTH St.Petersburg on 2m, FSK mode. This is my 447 sqr worked on 2m.

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10GHz activity from JO38

Today me and Tore LA8GT activated JO38xb on 3cm band. QTH is island Flekkerøya with connection to fastland and location is old military radar station place, now it is free area . Very good take off to SM and OZ . Tropo condition was below expectation. Got only QSO with OZ7Z in JO44. Heard SK7MHI very […]

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ES0/DM2ECM in log

After second attempt I got today QSO with ES0/DM2ECM, Detlev, in KO08xl….this is my new square and no.445 on 2m. It is his holiday activity from Saaremaa Island. Below pictures from the island, looks very nice. Photos – credit Wikipedia.org and Lembit Michelson

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