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JO49 on 2m

16-17 May, short activity on 2m from Gautefall (JO49ib). Following contacts are CFM: OH6ZZ, IW4BET, EW1AA, G4TRA, DF1JC, DK5OX, SP4MPB, IV3GTH. All QSO´s uploaded to LoTW.

ES on 6m

14th of May a nice opening on 6m. Unfortunatelly no QSO on 4m. Worked 20 QSO´s and best QRB 2230 km with UX3IW.   UX3IW KN88WJ, ER1SS KN46JX , IK0VWO JN62LH, US8UX KN59FP, IK5RLP JN52LR, IU5BKR JN53EM, IK6HIR JN63KW, IZ5IMD JN53FU, IK4WMA JN54WG, US5XD KO40IS, IW4AOT JN54QK, IK4ISR JN54QQ , UX2SB KN28IX,, I2PJA JN45PB, S57RR JN65UM, IW1CKM JN45FD, IK2CKR JN45KJ, IW2MXY JN45NO, IK2SND JN45SP,LY1R KO14RV All QSO´s uploadet to LoTW. For QSL se

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New square on 2m

This morning I did my new squear on 2m with EW1AA. Sergej located in Minsk, locator KO33ru. It took us 1.5 h to complete the QSO. This is my # no. 430 on 2m.

QRV from JO49

I was active on 70 MHz from Gautefall, JO49ib. During period 30.April – 03.May did 18 QSO’s. The station was: IC-7100 + 100 watts PA and 5 elements yagi. QSO’s CFM: OZ1JXY, G4YTL, PA0RDY, GM6VXB, G4WZP, ON7GB, SP2JYR, SP6MLK, DJ9YE, PA5DD, OK2BRD, OH8MGK, DK2PH, LY/OH5LID, G4FJK, SP3OCC, OH3DP, DK5EW Thanks to all of you for

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CME impact

A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 17th, the impact sparked a relatively the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. I did some QSO on 2m with OK stn´s and heard HA.