Today decided to check a local hill usefulness for 10 GHz activity. The hill is not far from my home QTH, locator is JO48BE15NB18 and about 95 m asl. Wheather was not good, windy and time to time rain. Take off to OZ is good but to SM and DL doubtful, some trees very close. Got a QSO with OZ7Z in JO44vw and copied OZ5SHF beacon. Not bad as I have only 2 watts and 46cm dish, 376 km distance.

Take off to OZ

Later, afternoon, decided to go to my best place for /p activity, locator JO38XB97OQ86, height 57 m asl. It is an island, Flekkerøy, with a tunnel connection to fastland. Got QSO again with Allan OZ7Z and later Peter OZ9PP, JO47VA ,QRB 163 km. Heard again OZ5SHF and SK6MHI beacon.

Direction to OZ

Direction to SM