Finally a long awaited tropo condition on 3cm band (Saturday, 29,June). A lot of activities on ON4KST chat so I decided to go portable from JO48ad, Odder√łya Island, 85 m asl. Pleasent weather, temperature 23 C, sunshine and calm. The place has a good take off to almost all direction.

My portable station is 50cm dish and 8 watts, QRG GPS controled.

Worked following stations:

F6DKW JN18cs CW/SSB QRB 1110 km with amazing signal up to +40dB on my S-meter, this QSO is my best tropo ODX. (confirmed by direct QSL, updated:14.07.2019)

G3XDY JO02ob CW QRB 803 km

DL7QY JN58bd CW QRB 1010 km, next best tropo ODX (confirmed by direct QSL, updated:14.07.2019)

G4ODA IO92ws CW QRB 788 km

Later evening I went to JO38xb Flekker√łya Island. Unfortunately condition went down and the wheather change, was very windy and cold. None QSO from there.