Antenna maintenance

This month did maintenance of antennas and rotor. Removed 4 m and replaced with 2 m yagi. Now on the mast:

23 cm – 35 elements Tonna, 18.6 dBd, boom length=3.07 m with ½ inch coax cable (DRAKA RFA/BHF) about 20 m, attenuation 2.3 dB, no preamplifier installed on the mast yet. In the shack: IC-9100 and 50 watts amp (home made)

2 m – 9 elements Vargarda (Sweden factory) 9EL2 , 11.8 dBd, boom length=4.5 m. Masted preamp SP-200 , noise figure 0.7 dB with H100 coax cable about 20 m length, attenuation 9.8 dB. In the shack: IC-9100 and GS35b power amp (home made).

Rotor RAK (Spid Elektronik) with PstRotator software (YO3DMU)

Direction South