I bought a pack of 5 x RD16HHF1 HF power mosfets via eBay from good-module based in China and ended up with a problem, devices were supplied but they weren’t RD16HHF1’s !  🙁



I fitted one device on the amp PCB and applied power. The power supply went into overcurrent shutdown straight away! Measurements indicated that it wasn’t short circuit but it didn’t explain the short-circuit level power drain. I removed the device and replaced it with a second device, and again effectively a short-circuit, then again and again replaced it. The device was acting more like an SCR than a mosfet. I had heard that there were fake devices being distributed out in the eBay but never happened me before. At the end I ordered a new one from the State, for much higer price of course. A one week later I had a good one and was ready to finished my power amp.

If sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t.