Hi, welcome to my blog !

My name is Jerzy and thanks for dropping in. I am very glad you are surfing around here so I would like to take this opportunity and present myself. I have been a radio amateur since 1969. My first SWL signature was SP8-1871 and a short time after I got SP8DXL. After 1976 I used SP2DXL and since 1988 I am LA4YGA. From 2004 I am also as SP4DXL when visited Poland. My QTH is Kristiansand, in the south part of Norway, WW locator is JO48be. My favorite subjects in HAM radio are VHF/UHF propagation and construction of RF equipment.


Worked DXCC entities and squares

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JO49 on 2m

16-17 May, short activity on 2m from Gautefall (JO49ib). Following contacts are CFM: OH6ZZ, IW4BET, EW1AA, G4TRA, DF1JC, DK5OX, SP4MPB, IV3GTH. All QSO´s uploaded to LoTW.

ES on 6m

14th of May a nice opening on 6m. Unfortunatelly no QSO on 4m. Worked 20 QSO´s and best QRB 2230 km with UX3IW.   UX3IW KN88WJ, ER1SS KN46JX , IK0VWO JN62LH, US8UX KN59FP, IK5RLP JN52LR, IU5BKR JN53EM, IK6HIR JN63KW, IZ5IMD JN53FU, IK4WMA JN54WG, US5XD KO40IS, IW4AOT JN54QK, IK4ISR JN54QQ , UX2SB KN28IX,, I2PJA JN45PB, S57RR JN65UM, IW1CKM JN45FD, IK2CKR JN45KJ, IW2MXY JN45NO, IK2SND JN45SP,LY1R KO14RV All QSO´s uploadet to LoTW. For QSL se

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New square on 2m

This morning I did my new squear on 2m with EW1AA. Sergej located in Minsk, locator KO33ru. It took us 1.5 h to complete the QSO. This is my # no. 430 on 2m.

QRV from JO49

I was active on 70 MHz from Gautefall, JO49ib. During period 30.April – 03.May did 18 QSO’s. The station was: IC-7100 + 100 watts PA and 5 elements yagi. QSO’s CFM: OZ1JXY, G4YTL, PA0RDY, GM6VXB, G4WZP, ON7GB, SP2JYR, SP6MLK, DJ9YE, PA5DD, OK2BRD, OH8MGK, DK2PH, LY/OH5LID, G4FJK, SP3OCC, OH3DP, DK5EW Thanks to all of you for

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CME impact

A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 17th, the impact sparked a relatively the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. I did some QSO on 2m with OK stn´s and heard HA.  

EME test of station

Today did a test of my setup with very weak signal. Using 9 elements Long Yagi and masted preamp with MGF1302 device. Found I2FAK on 144.133 calling CQ with good signal at 11 deg Moon. Started calling him but lost him some periods later. Franco copied my signal with -26dB. I TX with 300 watts.

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