Hi, welcome to my blog !

My name is Jerzy and thanks for dropping in. I am very glad you are surfing around here so I would like to take this opportunity and present myself. I have been a radio amateur since 1969. My first SWL signature was SP8-1871 and a short time after I got SP8DXL. After 1976 I used SP2DXL and since 1988 I am LA4YGA. From 2004 I am also as SP4DXL when visited Poland. My QTH is Kristiansand, in the south part of Norway, WW locator is JO48be. My favorite subjects in HAM radio are VHF/UHF propagation and construction of RF equipment.


Worked DXCC entities and squares

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5T5PA on 80m

PA5X operator of 5T5PA installed a huge 80m deltaloop antenna, with the top at 30m above the ground. His signal was fantastic on 80 m so it was possible for me get the QSO on FT8. Now worked him on 9 bands FT8 mode and on 3 bands CW. This QSO is a new DXCC

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Today did some interesting QSO´s during daytime. According to prediction, all these QSO´s, were in direction of the Eta-Aquarids shower radiant. Predicted peak expecting 5th of May 20:11. Could be some early stones during these QSO´s. One of these QSO’s was my new square. Worked YO5AVN in KN17ww, QRB 1543.4 km. Worked up to now

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Antenna maintenance

This month did maintenance of antennas and rotor. Removed 4 m and replaced with 2 m yagi. Now on the mast: 23 cm – 35 elements Tonna, 18.6 dBd, boom length=3.07 m with ½ inch coax cable (DRAKA RFA/BHF) about 20 m, attenuation 2.3 dB, no preamplifier installed on the mast yet. In the shack:

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New square on 2 m

Finaly get a long awaited square KP05. This afternon got a QSO with SM2EKW in KP05uw, on my favoritt mode FSK via meteors, probably rest of Lyrids or Delta-Piscids stones. Up to now 454 squares worked.

Tropo on 23 cm

For last 2 days was a tropo over NORTH SEA on 23 cm. Not mamy station were active so I got in log only PA0O, SM6VTZ and F5APQ. This last one QSO is a new # for me. QSO with F5APQ on CW, locator JO00xu, QRB=1514 km, Total 27 squaers worked up to now.

VP8PJ new DXCC Entity in log

Worked CW and FT8 mode on 17 m First QSO in the log: 22 Feb 2020 23:56 UTCLast QSO in the log: 06 Mar 2020 01:00 UTC Enter your callsign:        Search Log Log Search result for LA4YGA MODE/BAND 160 m 80 m 60 m 40 m 30 m 20 m 17 m 15 m 12 m 10

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JO93 in log

A long awaited square JO93 finally in log. SP7VC/2 Przemek was there during a weekend pedition. Activated JO94AA and JO93AX.

KO01 in log

One of four missing squares in SP finally in log. KO01ip was activated by SP7VC/5 Przemek. Now need only JO81, JO84, JO93.