Hi, welcome to my blog !

My name is Jerzy and thanks for dropping in. I am very glad you are surfing around here so I would like to take this opportunity and present myself. I have been a radio amateur since 1969. My first SWL signature was SP8-1871 and a short time after I got SP8DXL. After 1976 I used SP2DXL and since 1988 I am LA4YGA. From 2004 I am also as SP4DXL when visited Poland. My QTH is Kristiansand, in the south part of Norway, WW locator is JO48be. My favorite subjects in HAM radio are VHF/UHF propagation and construction of RF equipment.


Worked DXCC entities and squares

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Second part of ES – 9H1TX in log

Later afternoon sporadic E was back. 9H1TX was on screen, called him and QSO was done very fast. He was on my screen many minut after with very fine signal. This is my new DXCC entity #39 and a new square #192, QRB=2526 km. Many thanks David for an amaizing contact.

KO20 in log

Finally a very rare squear in log on 4 m. Team of EM44T on the way to home (DL) from Ukrain stopped in KO20bu for a rest. DG0LFF Henrik was active on 4 m band and did a few QSO’s. With a very low sporadic meteor rate it was not easy to get a QSO.

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Radio horizon

As you can see my take-off to North-East is very restricted. Has a rock wall just few meters from my home. Elevating antenna just a 3 deg helping a lot.

QRV on 4m

From today I’m back on 4m after a long time away from this band. Station as before: IC7100 + Power Amp (up to 200 watts) and 5 elements yagi antenna, located about 10 m over ground, 52 m a.s.l.

LA5VHF beacon relocated

Today moved LA5VHF beacon to a new location JO38rb. QTH Mandal,Haugen…about 150 m a.s.l. Days before I did maintanance of the hardware, especially antenna. Now running 10 watts to GP antenna, F1A mode on 70.065 MHz. Thanks to LB2S Tore for helping.


Finally a long awaited tropo condition on 3cm band (Saturday, 29,June). A lot of activities on ON4KST chat so I decided to go portable from JO48ad, Odder√łya Island, 85 m asl. Pleasent weather, temperature 23 C, sunshine and calm. The place has a good take off to almost all direction. My portable station is 50cm

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New DXCC entity on 23 cm

After a long time a silence on 23 cm finally today I got a twice contact with Marek SP4MPB on 23 cm. QSO in CW and later evening on SSB. It is my first contact with SP and KO03 is a new square.

OZ1FF on 3cm

Today manage a QSO with OZ1FF Kjeld on 3cm tropo, QRB 287 km. The station was placed on balcony with very restricted horisont. He had very strong signal up to S9 and I got report 559. This is my new square #8.